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Types of Knives



About 3" or 4" long featuring a triangular shaped blade, this is the most popular knife in the kitchen. Use it to peel and slice fruits and vegetables and prepare garnishes.



For chopping, slicing and dicing meats, vegetables and a lot more. This is generally the most frequently used knife in the kitchen next to the paring knife. Available with a 6", 8" or 10" blade. Preferred length is dependent on the user's comfort.



A general purpose knife for all sorts of jobs. The 5" to 7" blade is perfect for cutting, peeling, chopping, carving and slicing juicy or soft vegetables, fruits and baked goods.



Designed with a serrated edge that's excellent for cutting soft breads and larger delicate pastries. Typically has an 8" to 10" blade.



Blade is very thin, slightly curved and especially flexible. Usually 5" to 6" long. Designed to easily bend in order to separatemeat from the bone, whether cooked or raw.



More flexible than a boning knife, ideal for filleting tender fish and removing skin from meats, fruits and vegetables.


Efficiently cuts through cooked meats such as medium-sized roasts and fowl and can be used also to cut large vegetables and fruits. THis blade is generally about 8" to 10" long and fairly narrow.



For larger roasts and turkeys. More flexible than a carving knife which enables the blade to cut fine, thin slices of meat. Also excellent for pastries, cakes, etc.



An Oriental style all purpose chef's knife for slicing and chopping. Similar to the traditional chef's knife except is has a wider blade.



Sometimes used as a utility knife but ideal for everyone's use at the table with steaks, chicken or game.



Very heavy so it's highly effective for chopping through joints and bones. Some experienced chefs prefer a cleaver to a chef's knife. However, wo do not recommend it unless you are exteremely proficient at using knives.



Helps to maintain the original edge of your knives to ensure they las longer but does not actually sharpen your knives. When knives get dull, use an oilstone or ceramic sharpening device.