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Joie Plastic Squeeze Bottle (Asstd.)


Joie Plastic Squeeze Bottle (Asstd.)


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Great for ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce or any of your favourite condiments. A Joie Plastic Sqeeze Bottle is a colourful way to store and serve all your condiments.

Additional Info

Additional Information

Capacity (Metric) 350Ml
UPC 067742282774


Customer Reviews (4)

Expensive AND Leaky!Review by Keebler Elf
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I was told these types of bottles leak so I thought purchasing one that cost more would mean better quality. My first (red) one leaked. I put cooking oil and I wasted quite a bit. I exchanged and it was fine luckily. I thought I'd chance it w a second purchase for olive oil. I tested it w just water second time around (green top). It leaked within a couple hours. Went in for exchange and it leaks too. Will have to go in again to exchange. This product should be priced way cheaper b/c it is defective. They should be tested before they are put on the shelves or indicate it is not for oils. (Posted on 2016-06-20)
They LeakReview by HH
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I really used to like these bottles as my wife and I had them readily available for both Olive Oil and Canola Oil.

It turns out after a short time, they leak around the seal, causing oil/liquid to go everywhere. I thought it might just be the first one I was using, so I went back to purchase another one and the same thing happened. I really liked these initially, but unfortunately they don't work well with liquids. Perhaps they're good with thicker liquids/sauces/condiments, but not oils. (Posted on 2016-01-21)
Perfect and inexpensiveReview by JENNIFER
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I love these bottles and found them perfect for condiments. Ketchup and mustard squirt out perfectly and I've never had a problem with leaking. I'm buying more today but it will be for lemon and lime juice so I hope they stand up to a thinner liquid and the seal remains tight! (Posted on 2015-11-27)
Not badReview by JB
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I frequently make my own salad dressings and was excited when I saw these become availabe because they have little lids, which woud make it possible and easy to transport the bottles. <br /><br />I have found two small issues. Because some of my salad dressings have citrus zest and/or herbs, I find they plug up the hole as it is too small.<br /><br />I also find they don't have a good seal arund the lid. There is a rubber ring inside the lid which is supposed to do this, but it has fallen out on one of the bottles already, and even the other ones that have it still get messy from leakage.<br /><br />So I am still on the hunt for the perfect squeeze bottle. (Posted on 2013-09-25)

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