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KSP Natura Bamboo Digital Kitchen Scale (Natural)


KSP Natura Bamboo Digital Kitchen Scale (Natural)


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STK# 74609 (W028685)



Made of eco-conscious bamboo with soft touch buttons! Our electronic kitchen scale with backlight LED display weighs ingredients in metric or imperial. Minimum unit of measurement is 1g and max weight is 11 pounds or 5kg. Measures in units of g, lb, oz and ml.
Weigh directly on platform or in a bowl (not included). Add and weigh function allows for weighing multiple ingredients in the same bowl. The scale quickly reverts to zero for each additional item.
  • 2 x 3V CR2032 Lithium Batteries included

Additional Info

Additional Information

Batteries Included? Yes
Height (Metric) 2cm
Height (Imperial) ¾"
Length (Imperial) 9"
Length (Metric) 23cm
Quantity Required 2
Type Required CR2032
UPC 842096040955
Width (Imperial) 7"
Width (Metric) 18cm


Customer Reviews (5)

waste of moneyReview by Mike
How do you rate this product?
I have the same complaints as everyone else. It shuts off too quick. As a result you need to have everything ready to go if you miss a step then you have to start over again. That said, I learned how to adapt by having everything ready to weigh when I started.

The other big issue is the batteries that it goes through. I use the scale twice a day, everyday and have gone through 4 sets of batteries in less than a year. That in itself is annoying but there is no battery indicator so when it goes it goes.

I'm going to scrap this and get a mechanical scale, this was a waste in every sense of the word and I'm disappointed that Kitchen Stuff Plus even put this on their shelves. (Posted on 2016-01-18)
Good for some thingsReview by Karen
How do you rate this product?
Good to measure one thing at a time ... but as the other reviews mention, goes off fast and so often you have to do some quick addition in your head. <br />Battery has died once in about 6 months of daily use<br />Use it to track my calorie intake, so I just need an approx weight, but for baking, this could be close to useless (Posted on 2015-09-09)
Terrible scale: turns off and resets constantlyReview by Ker
How do you rate this product?
I'd like to echo the other reviews: this is a terrible scale! Do not buy it. It turns off constantly. And when you turn it back on, no matter what is on the scale, it has reset to 0. At first I thought it just turned off when not being used for 2 or 3 seconds, so I would try to work really fast and get my ingredients in before it turned off. But today it actually turned off right in the middle of pouring flour into the bowl! So frustrating and useless. And, as mentioned by others, it also jumps around and takes three or four attempts to tare to 0. The first few times you tare it, it shows a negative number. So poorly made. (Posted on 2015-04-03)
won't recommendReview by Oksana
How do you rate this product?
I have returned mine just 4 days ago and everything Marissa said happened to me as well.<br />Times out very quickly, numbers jump while nobody is touching the scale...I actually had to get 2-3 bowls ready and do speedy measuring and weight everything twice or tree times to make sure it is accurate. I any case I had to return this scale along with bunch of other stuff that were defective. My advice to shoppers ??? think twice before getting stuff on sale unless you know 100% the brand is good, because these things go on sale for the reason. (Posted on 2013-10-31)
too fiddlyReview by Marissa
How do you rate this product?
I bought this scale a few months ago, but it's been so frustrating I've ended up buying another one (different brand obviously). The biggest problem is that it times out (shuts off) after about three seconds of inactivity. So by the time you reach over to open the second bag of chocolate chips or whatever, the scale has reset and now doesn't remember the weight it was on. On top of this, the numbers bounce around sometimes even when you aren't touching the scale, so it's hard to feel very confident about the number it's giving you. <br /><br />I got it on sale for $10 so you get what you pay for I guess. If you only use a scale very occasionally to weight single ingredients it does basically work, and it's cheap (and the bamboo is quite nice looking). But if you cook by weight often this is probably not the right choice. (Posted on 2013-06-19)

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