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KSP Quikpop Glass Popcorn Maker with Silicone (Clear/Red)


KSP Quikpop Glass Popcorn Maker with Silicone (Clear/Red)


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Make fast, healthy and delicious microwave popcorn without buying expensive bag or microwave popcorn! The Quickpop Glass Popcorn Maker pops in less than two minutes and adds the perfect amount of melted butter as your kernels pop! The heat resistant borosilicate glass popping chamber requires no oil - just pour in your kernels, place a pat of unmelted butter on the heat-safe silicone lid, put the Quikpop in the microwave for three minutes voila! Beautiful buttered, perfectly popped popcorn!
  • Note: Timing varies by microwave. Do not leave Quikpop Popcorn Maker unattended. To prevent burning remove from microwave when popping slows
  • Glass popcorn maker with silicone top
  • Melt butter onto popcorn as it pops
  • For microwave use only

Additional Info

Additional Information

Capacity (Imperial) 2L
Capacity (Metric) 68Oz
Microwave Safe Yes
UPC 842096058479


Customer Reviews (3)

Love it!Review by Karine Cyrenne
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This was bought for an office Xmas party, the theme was: a gift that starts with P
I was the most popular gift !!!
The winner loves it, his kids are super happy to have it (Posted on 2016-12-21)
Perfect Popcorn MakerReview by Alexia
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This popcorn maker is really cute and offers the perfect portion size! It does heat up really quickly but cools down after a while. I personally think it offers the perfect portion size and is quite easy to clean as well! (Posted on 2016-08-20)
This Popcorn Maker Had So Much Potential!!!Review by MA. T.
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The concept for this popcorn maker is excellent! Pop your own kernels at home and season it as you want, no need to worry about dangerous additives or preservatives! I purchased this in December 2015 and popped one batch for two servings and it turned out perfectly. Then I hand washed the jar and the lid and air dried it on the counter.

Yesterday, after movie night, I put this popcorn maker in the dishwasher (as the instructions indicated dishwasher safe) on the bottom rack. It's too tall for the top rack but fit perfectly on the bottom rack with plenty of clearance. Twenty minutes into the economy cycle I heard a pop and then some sort of jingling swishing around in the water. I opened up the dishwasher to discover the glass base of the popcorn maker had exploded off the rest of the container. I pulled it out to find this product had been made with the thinnest possible amount of fact, even thinner than the expensive wine glasses that were being washed right beside it. I tried to remove the shattered pieces of glass floating in the water (as I didn't want it to ruin the dishwasher) and cut my fingers in the process. What I couldn't remove I had to let it run through the cycle and remove once all the water drained. What a disaster!!

I'm so disappointed in the quality of this product, not to mention this experience! There is no possible way this product is dishwasher safe, nor should it be advertised as dishwasher safe. This is completely false! I've never experienced anything exploding in my dishwasher, ever! I was better off hand-washing this item and letting it air dry. So much for this KSP a least I got TWO uses out of it!!! (Posted on 2016-01-16)

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