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KSP Spiral Pineapple Corer/Slicer


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Fresh pineapple is a delicious healthy treat but coring and slicing it can be a chore. Our Spiral Pineapple Corer and Slicer makes having delicious pineapple quick and easy. Just push and twist for a tasty pineapple treat.

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Customer Reviews (11)

Super easy to use!Review by Penny Ling
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Great for the summer with the pineapple season coming along. It definitely beats the old fashion cutting the sides and cutting the core out. With this, you can just cut the top and bottom and twist away! Super easy to use, easy to clean and love how there's instructions right on the side of the box .. WITH PICTURES! Every time I use it, my friends ask me where I get it from. Looking for a cool gift idea? THIS is it! (Posted on 2016-06-23)
Works perfectReview by Pineapple heaven
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Got it today. Cored an extra large pineapple in under a minute. beautiful.

Highly recommended. (Posted on 2016-01-23)
Very, very handy gadget.Review by IShop@KitchenStuffOften
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Take it from someone from the Caribbean who has been peeling pineapples with knives for decades: This gadget is good!

Send a couple home to the old folks -they're having fun getting the core stuck in the cylinder but they too think it's better than using a knife. (Posted on 2016-01-18)
Pineapple PerfectionReview by Tina Chase
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I bought this as a gift for my hubby. We both love fresh pineapple, but it is a bit finicky to get nice results with just a knife. This corer/slicer is excellent! Perfect pineapple slices. Easy to use and easy to clean up. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves fresh, sliced pineapple. (Posted on 2015-09-10)
KSP Spiral Pineapple Corer/SlicerReview by Leanne
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Very easy to use and clean!! Love it!! Wish I had discovered this at the beginning of the summer!!! (Posted on 2015-09-09)
Love itReview by Lucinda
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Saw it at rib fest the lady use these tool to core out the pineapple to make me a smoothie want one (Posted on 2015-09-09)
good toolReview by Iris
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Very easy to use. Highly recommended. (Posted on 2015-08-08)
Works Fabulously!Review by Kelly
How do you rate this product?
Firstly, I luvvvvvv KSP in every aspect, from product selection, incomparable prices, innovative solutions, wonderful customer service in-store and online and incredibly expeditious shipping!<br /><br />Now for the Pineapple Corer, again......luvvvvvv this utensil.<br /><br />I have dexterity problems with my hands and preparing fruits for my nutrient extractor is difficult if coring and slicing is involved. I go through about 4 whole pineapples per week and always had to impose on my neighbour to peel and slice each one for me.<br /><br />Now, I simply insert the Corer, press down and gently turn until I have reached the bottom of the pineapple. I put the pineapple in a container while I'm coring to collect??all the fresh, incredibly delicious, nutritious juices. Then I simply turn the corer upside down, remove the handle and the pineapple comes out perfectly sliced and the core is completely removed, not a bit of pineapple is wasted. <br /><br />Clean up is a breeze, (just be careful with the bottom blades as they are sharp, which is why the Corer slices the pineapple so perfectly).<br /><br />Excellent product, would and have recommended this Pineapple Corer! (Posted on 2014-10-31)
Great productReview by Anjula
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It is so easy and convenient to cut pineapples with this instrument.<br />It saves time and energy. The only problem is the blade comes off while cutting the pineapple however it is easy to put back on. (Posted on 2013-09-26)
$$$ Saving, Makes Cutting a Pineapple Simple & EasyReview by patientgal
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Easy to use. The end result is amazing, You get sliced pineapple and some juice in which to store it. Make sure to work with a bowl. Stores easily in yogurt containers. (Posted on 2013-09-23)
Amazing ProductReview by Anna
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In just a few minutes your pineapple is peeled and cored and sliced. So simple! Highly recommended. (Posted on 2013-09-21)

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