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Oster Whip Stick Hand Blender - Stainless Steel


Oster Whip Stick Hand Blender - Stainless Steel


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Hand blenders are the appliance with a thousand uses! You'll find yourself pulling out the Oster Whip Stick for everything from making baby food, to pureeing soups, to making milkshakes. This is one appliance any well equipped kitchen should not be without!
  • Powerful 200 watt motor
  • 2 speeds for versatile blending
  • Detachable shaft for easy cleaning
  • Includes measuring cup, chopper attachment, and whisk attachment
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Mini chopper

Additional Info

Additional Information

Dishwasher Safe Parts yes
Electrical Watts 200 watts
Special Care Note Shaft and blade are dishwasher safe
UPC 034264439771


Customer Reviews (6)

DO NOT BUYReview by Joy
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Water gets trapped in lid of food processor and can't wash it out so you can smell the gunk that has collected in there. No way of getting it out which is a major product flaw. Also the blending device heats up and gets so hot to the touch and you can start to smell burning. I am afraid to use it in case it explodes or something. Do not recommend buying this. Great idea of it being a multi-tool, but it could definitely use some improvements Oster!! (Posted on 2016-01-26)
Do not buyReview by Carla
How do you rate this product?
I purchased this hand blender and did not like it at all. First i tried the chopper and it did a mediocre job at chopping walnuts. It took a long time which made the motor hot. I then tried to blend some soup. It did a good job of it but it started to smell like burnt plastic. Upon washing the lid of the choper i realized that you can't clean it properly because the lid doesn't open to clean inside. There was water trapped inside. (Posted on 2015-08-08)
For simple tasksReview by Sue
How do you rate this product?
I purchased this item as I thought I was getting a good deal on having a 3 in one gadget (saves me space in my kitchen and saves me money). It's ok... If you expect to use the whisk and chopper for very very simple tasks. I found that when i used it for slightly more complicated tasks using the chopper and the whisk, the motor got heated very fast. Or when slightly prolonged use (to get the consistency I wanted), again the motor got very hot. It did not smell like burning but my hand sure couldn't stand the heat it was emitting so I'd have to stop. Moreover, the motor didn't cool down as quickly as it heated so I had to put it outside in my balcony for the cool air to cool it faster so I can continue to use it again lol. Anyway, it's a good gadget if you use it for its primary purpose of an immersion blender and for very very simple whisking and chopping. If you need a good mixer and chopper, you're better off just buying a separate food processor and an electric mixer. (Posted on 2013-12-25)
So far so good!Review by Andrea
How do you rate this product?
I got this immersion blender on sale at KSP (for $30 I think?) and so far I'm pretty happy with it! I've used it mostly to puree soups, and I'm impressed with how quick and easy it is! After reading the other review below I'm a little concerned about how well the whisk attachment will work, but since I have a handheld mixer I'm not too concerned. I am looking forward to testing it out for smoothies though! (Posted on 2013-10-16)
the motor burned after the second useReview by sameem
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when i first opened the box, it looked pretty good.used it the first time and it worked fine.In 20 seconds it made a very fine paste.Used it again for the same lentil soup and it wouldn't grind to a paste.After a few tries I could smell burning , when I tried opening It wouldn't open. My husband had to pry it open and the rubber had melted inside the motor and it didn't even sound right. I returned it to the store and got a different one. (Posted on 2013-10-13)
Smells like it's burning after a few usesReview by Jonathan
How do you rate this product?
At first glance upon opening the product, it feels heavy and pretty sturdy. The blade attachment snaps on tight and all seems good to go. I used it once with this attachment for soup. A dozen pulses and the soup was good to go.<br /><br />I was making marshmallow this past week and used the whisk attachment. Not as sturdy. In fact, the whisk rotates kind of crooked. I whipped up egg whites and within 10 seconds I could smell burning plastic/motor. I put the blender down to sniff at it and see if it was in fact coming from the motor. Yup.<br /><br />I used again last night for egg whites and same thing. The kitchen smelled like there was a burning circuit in there. I did get the job done, but with little confidence the thing wouldn't burn in my hands. <br /><br />I'm sadly beyond the 30 day warranty, and the item is used, so I will be contacting Oster. Kind of a pain in the butt for the price, if you ask me.<br /><br />After searching on Google, Oster seems to be known for burning smells in their blenders' motors. <br /><br />I have a LOT of kitchen gadgets. Not keeping this one. (Posted on 2012-12-25)

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