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Parts of a Knife


Each part of a knife has a name, but when shopping for a knife there a a few specific things to look for to help make your decision easier.


BLADE EDGE - The most important part of a knife is its edge. A well sharpened blade makes all the difference when cutting, chopping and slicing.

There are a number of factors which can affect the sharpness of a blade, including the type of steel used, the process used to craft the knife (see Forging Process) and proper sharpening (see Care and Use).


BOLSTER - A bolster is the part of a knife that joins the blade to the handle. In addition, the bolster adds weight and balance to the knife, helping define the way the knife feels in your hand. Typically, bolsters are only found on forged knives (see Forging Process), as stamped knives are manufactured from a single piece of steel.

Bolsters also act as a guard between the handle and blade, protecting your fingers from the sharp edge of a knife.


TANG - The Tang is the portion of the knife that extends into the handle. Tangs provide stability and added weight. Many knives have a 'full tang', which means the tang extends the full length of the handle, creating a stronger, more durable knife.


Knife Diagram