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Security Policy

Kitchen Stuff Plus Accessories Security Policy

We understand your concerns about ordering on the internet. We take this issue very seriously. While electronic credit card theft is extremely rare, we have taken the extra step of encrypting all of your personal information.

Kitchen Stuff Plus Accessories uses SSl Encryption, a technology that "codes" all information before it is sent and "decodes" it after it is received. Anyone intercepting this information in transit would receive complete gibberish.

We never e-mail your credit card number or personal information. All such information, including your credit card number, is encrypted while in transit.

All order information sent to Kitchen Stuff Plus Accessories is kept strictly confidential.

You will notice that when you checkout in the online shopping cart, your lock (displayed in the bottom of your browser) will be locked.

It is not locked during normal browsing, since there is no confidential information being transmitted. Also, when your checkout, you will see the web address in your browser begin with "https" instead of "http". The "s" in the "https" denotes a secure connection.

We do not trade, barter, rent or sell your name or personal information to anyone for any purpose.

We take these precautions for your peace of mind. We want your shopping experience with us to be enjoyable, quick and absolutely secure.

What if My Credit Number is Stolen?

If your credit card number has been used by an unauthorized party, you are not liable for the purchase. Simply report any unauthorized charge to your credit card issuer. Even if your credit card number is stolen on-line, you are not responsible for the charges.