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Tax Exemption

Tax-Relieved Sales to Indians and Indian Bands over the Internet

It is not possible for Indian customers to receive tax relief at the time of online checkout, since it the status card, or TCRD, can not be presented. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has taken the position that Indian customers may subsequently provide a copy of their status card, or a copy of the TCRD, by mail or electronically to Kitchen Stuff Plus. Then we can provide relief of the GST/HST in the form of a refund for that portion of the sale.

These conditions must also be met:

  • You are entitled to sales tax exemption under the Indian Act
  • The product is delivered to a reserve
  • All Federal and Provincial tax exemption requirements are adhered to
  • The below forms are submitted by mail, fax, or email within 30 days of the ship date on your invoice


How to request Tax relief

Please complete these two pieces of documentation and submit them by email, fax, or regular mail:

  1. A completed and signed Sales Tax Exemption Form (First Nations)
  2. A copy of one of the following documents:
    • Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) -- if the order is for personal use, OR,
    • Status Indian Band Certification -- if the order is for band use

To submit via email, please scan your completed form and a copy of your certificate and e-mail to

To submit via mail or fax, please send the completed form and a copy of your certificate to:
Kitchen Stuff Plus
Web Order Management
125 Tycos Drive
Toronto, ON
M6B 1W6
Fax: (416) 944-2768

When compiling and sending the required information, please keep in mind that only claims meeting the above-mentioned exemption requirements will be considered. Merely submitting a claim is not an official agreement or guarantee that tax will be refunded. Fully completed exemption requests with supporting documents will be reviewed within 5 business days of receipt. If additional information is required, a claim may take longer to evaluate and a sales representative may need to contact you. Our ability to provide a refund of the sales tax is based on applicable GST/HST rules as well as any provincial laws applicable in the ship-to province. If your claim does not meet all requirements, we will not be able to refund any sales tax.