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Amazing Store

I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the store and having only moved to Toronto a couple of months ago I am sad to say I had no idea about this store when I was stocking up my kitchen or else I would bought everything there. The staff is so incredibley nice and helpful, and I can't beleive the amaznig deals on the coupons I get in my email. It keeps me coming back and wanting to try new recipes/things. Thank you so much, you've got a very loyal customer after all my great experiences and deals I've had.


Happy Customer

Hi, I just wanted to say how pleased I was visiting your Kennedy & 401 store today. I recently purchased 2 sets of glass storage jars and needed to warranty 2 lids. I was very happy with how quick and pleasant the supervisor and the guy who helped me find the replacement lids were. They really make you feel like a valued customer. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Exceptional Service!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the very fast delivery. I ordered items at 7am one day and by 10am the next day I had the package. Everything was packaged perfectly. The prices of the items I bought were great. Thank you for the very prompt service! I will recommend your company to everyone I know.


Great service; just some nice feedback!

Hi there, I'm extremely impressed with the service I have received, and feel like I have been living under a rock - more so, not knowing that Kitchen Stuff Plus has such amazing products and prices! As I'm currently in search of products to save for my new home, I have been able to purchase various items to make my kitchen a dream! I've had horrible shipping experiences from another company, almost waiting two months for products that suddenly became back-ordered. By constantly getting the run-around and damaged items, I finally cancelled my order and found my way to your website for better deals (I should have known better!) I appreciate the time put into packaging my items; the bubble wrap and paper ensures items will not be damaged. The quick shipping and email notifications, updating me on the status of my order, were easy to understand and detailed. Thank you! Not only has my experience with online purchasing been amazing (I have purchased other items through my mother's account, prior to making mine as well), but even the in-store customer service. I purchased two spice racks at yoru Yonge/Eglinton location, in part with their store closing sale, and the employees were helpful when selecting my product. It's unfortunate that your location there closed, but I can guarantee I will be going back to other store locations to take part in their great deals. Once again, thank you! I hope this feedback reinforces how great a company you are!


Great service; just some nice feedback!

I wanted to thank the staff at the Orfus location for a great customer service experience. I recently had an item that had stopped working. I called the store to see if they had a phone number for the manufacturer. When they found out it was an in house item they told me I could come into the store and they replaced the part for me. It was an extremely quick and easy process from start to finish. Please forward my thanks to the store manager and her team. I would aslo like to commend you on a great system for your registeredmemebers. I was surprised to find out that because I was registerd, they even had my reciept on file. Great system considering all you have to do is sign up for the free online mailing list. I've always enjoyed the savings in your weekly deals, now I am even more pleased that I signed up to be on your registered list!

Thank you!

Excellent Customer Service

I'm a little late in sending this email... but I had to write!! Every year I purchase approximately 30 ornaments to use on top of my Christmas presents (Dorothy at Yonge and Bloor knows me well!). This year was no different - I had purchased an assortment of 'clay' decorated gingerbread Christmas trees and had them sent to Londan (as that's where the majority of recipients are). When I opeend the box and saw the most incredible packing job.. my face just lit up! They were packed with such care! When I was looking online, I could've sworn they were resin - but oh no! In fact they were breakable... which made this all the more impressive! ONly one had a hole in it (if I remember correctly, the hole in the ornament was in the middle of the front face - weird spot, I thought) ... and it was well secured within the 'roll' of tissue and perforated kraft paper... it was not a huge deal at all, as I usually over purchase... and... it very well could've been a weak spot in the 'clay' itself... it would've broken anyway... I have always had the best of luck with the ornaments I purchase - they're always so fun and there's always lots of compliments... everyone looks forward to them every year! (the reason for ornaments? I can't stand bows! I starte4d this when my nieces and nephews were born... around 10 years old. They thought it was a little nuts... but now they're all living on their own and each one of them has said.. it's great aunt Sue - my first place, my first christmas tree - and it's all decorated - by you! (little do they know that was my point)!

Thank you so very much for being a part of our Christmas!

Susan (and - greg, jackie, finley, amanda, adam, nancy, steve, rueben, nellie, grace, kasi, jen, julie, dylan, kayleigh, rachel, mom and dad, john, micheal, nathan, rowan, karen, karin, irene, geoffrey, phillip... I could go on!)

Excellent Customer Service

Hello, I just wanted to commend Kitchen Stuff Plus team on their outstanding packaging arrangement for my order. It certainly makes me feel valued as a customer. I have received my order and am happy with my purchase.

Thank you,


No Question...

Would like to comment on your staff at the above location which I visited several times over the holidays. They were very helpful and knowledgeable about your products.

Please thank them


First time won't be the last time!

Kudos to Trevor, sales rep

Hi, I would just like to give kudos when they're deserved! Trevor, a sales rep, at the Yonge and Bloor store made my mother and my visit very succesful on Tuesday, December 17th. He was knowledgeable on the Sodastream products. My mom had intended to buy the one on sale for $69.99, but he managed to show us how much better the $116.99 product would be instead. He did a terrific demonstration and helped my mom as she tried it herself. He made my 60 year old mom laugh and enjoy purchasing this product for my dad. We were in and out of the store within 10 minutes thanks to Trevor with a purchase I'm sure my dad will enjoy. I hope management can somehow recognize his positive energy and kindness he showed toward us. I also noticed how well the staff works together throughout the store and at the cash registers. What a great store to walk in to!


Superb service

Had my first experience at your new store on the Danforth this past weekend and all I can say is wow! First of all the store is beautiful and very clean. I was greeted by many warm smiling faces who I felt comfortable talking to. I was assisted by a very friendly lady in the appliances area who helped me pick the perfect gift for my sister, I believe her name was Amy. She took the time to ask me questions and I appreciated her not trying to just sell me the most expensive thing. I also wanted to say that my cashier was super, her name was Sky, which was cool to begin with but she was funny and welcoming and made me feel like we had known each other for a long time. She also was very respectful when I didn't want to leave my personal information for your sign up thingy. She also recommended some stocking stuffers I just thought you should know that your new store is amazing and it's because you have great service. I will definitely be back, maybe before you even get this message.



Thank you

Happy Holidays to all of you at kitchen Stuff Plus. I placed an order late and didn't think I would get my package on time for this Thursday. I called your office and got a phone call the following morning stating that my ordered was being processed first so that it could be shipped that day. My package arrived today. I am very pleased with your customer service and would like to ensure it is acknowledged. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!! Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for helping make the holidays a success and less stressful.

With Thanks,


I have already recommended your online store to friends.

Wonderful experience!

I just wanted to say I normally never take the time to say how my service was, but felt I had to make an effort today. I just had a wonderful customer service experience with an employee named Chantal, When I called your customer service dept. for online orders.

I truly have to say this was the most pleasant customer service person I have encountered in a very long time. She was extremely helpful and courteous and really made me feel like my business really mattered, As a matter of fact I went right back online and placed a second order. This was the first time I have ever dealt with your company and will definitely be recommending your store to my friends and family.


Friendly Customer Service!

In today's world, we are inundated with complaints and compliments are few and far between. Whenever I experience excellent service, I try always to write the company involved and give a compliment.

Bad service, terrible manners, thoughtless, indifferent, uncaring & poorly trained staff, etc. are the bane of the consumer's existence in this overly commercial world! So it was a delight to go into your store in Cloverdale Mall on Friday Aug. 16th and speak to three kind & helpful people who provided some of the best service I've experienced in a long time!!! I just had to ask who was responsible for hiring!! I felt like I was back in people friendly 80's and 90's where excellent customer service was a desirable goal!

So I send compliments to your company first of all for your choice of manager, Dorothy who is hardworking, enthusiastic and aware, (no, I have never met her before!) and for your choice of conscientious staff. Even phoning your store the customer is greeted with a warm friendly helpful voice! That is just fantastic! With the attention to such details, I feel sure you may expect greater and greater success as time passes. I know that you have gained a loyal customer!!!

Thanks to everyone who's doing the right thing!!! Bravo people!!!


"A Great Experience!

I visited this location today and was blown away by the customer service I received! So much so, that I wanted to let someone know :) The entire staff was professional and courteous. They looked for opportunities to assist me without being pushy, and were knowledgeable about the products they sell. I felt well taken care of! Thank you for a rare and wonderful shopping experience. I will definitely be back!


"Top Quality Customer Service"

I wanted to send a letter to commend how well the staff at Kitchen Stuff Plus are. My fiancé and I had gone shopping this weekend at the warehouse sale and spent over $400 in items. We spent a good hour in the warehouse and I must say your staff's customer service level was a 10+.

I work with the Canadian Business Hall of Fame ( with clients such as Disney and McDonalds who's main focus on business is the customer service experience. The staff at Kitchen Stuff Plus team demonstrated all of the skills that make them stars; everything from being good listeners, smiling, going out of their way to clear isles and pick stuff up that had fallen down, always asking to help, knowing the information detail on all products, greeting you every opportunity they have and being overly helpful every opportunity they get.

I hope that this message will be shared with your corporate office and CEO and that a special thanks will be sent to all your hardworking staff. They have made our experience phenomenal and we will continue to shop at Kitchen Stuff Plus in the future as the overall shopping experience was very enjoyable.

Thank you for your time.


"Friendly Service"

In the past 2-3 weeks I have visited your Orfus road location several times and made a couple of volume purchases to use at my daughters bridal shower and wedding as favor gifts, as well as a few personal household items.

During these visits I received nothing less than top quality customer service from almost all your staff that was on the floor working those days. Not only did I enjoy the products your store had to offer and the volume discount I was provided with, but the friendliness, constant assistance (taking items to the counter if we were holding them), accurate information, follow-up on my special orders and assistance with putting merchandise in the car.

I hope you can pass this on to your valuable employees that they made our experience shopping was absolutely exceptional and will without a doubt pass this on to all my family and friends.

Spectacular job Kitchen Stuff Plus staff and corporate office for hiring and training these people.

Thank you,

Nella & Amanda

"A Job Very Well Done"

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the excellent job the shipping personnel did of preparing my new coffee maker for the journey to Alberta via Canada Post.

As per my request, the rather flimsy original packing box was placed into a slightly larger, much sturdier cardboard carton lined with bubble-wrap. Prior to being so re-packaged, the shipper also made a point of securely taping all loose parts inside the inner box in such a manner as to prevent movement during transport, even taking the time to fold the end of each strip of tape so that removal was a breeze. What outstanding customer service!

The end-result of all this careful preparation was that the product arrived in pristine condition - something I do not take for granted, as I've received a number of online-ordered items over the years that were damaged during shipping.

Bravo, Kitchen Stuff Plus, for a job very well done! I will not hesitate to recommend your company to family members and friends.

"So Happy With The Service"

I bought a pepper grinder from your website, after stumbling across it from Google. I'm so happy with the service I received. I got my package within days. I asked for discrete packaging because it's a gift, and I got just that, plus someone was sweet enough to write "Hope the packaging is okay, Merry Christmas!" inside with a lollipop taped to it. Absolutely wonderful. I'll be recommending you to my friends and family, for sure. :)

"Excellent service!"

It is time that I drop a line to let you know of the wonderful staff you have at the Cloverdale Mall location! My shopping experience is always great at this location without exception. Your staff is knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and always cheerful making my shopping experience great time after time. I would mostly like to emphasize knowledgeable - I never get the all so popular "if it is not on the shelf we must not have it" answer that I so often get in other stores. I commend the management of Kitchen Stuff Plus for an excellent job! Keep up the good work,


"Extremely Pleased"

I visit your store basically every week, and always am extremely pleased with the service provided to me. Whether I am looking for an opinion, a great deal, or even just something out of stock on the floor, all of the staff are extremely knowledgeable, and more than happy to help me.

Thanks so much for your great products and amazing offers! Keep them coming. I've worked retail for years, and I think that your staff is one of the most cooperative and functional team that I have ever seen!

"Best Customer Service I Have Ever Received"

I was shopping at your store, where I encountered some of the best customer service I have ever received. I was greeted upon entering the store and was asked if I required and help locating any items. The staff was polite and knowledgeable. I would definitely shop at your store again and would like to commend them for having a fabulous attitude and providing the shopper with a welcoming environment! Thank you!!

"My positive shopping experience with you"

I would like to share my positive shopping experience with you. I received a gift from one of your stores and unfortunately could not use it. I braced myself for what I thought would be a waste of my time and much aggravation in returning the gift. What a pleasant surprise when I called your Cloverdale store for directions and was greeted by a warm and friendly voice. I went to the store and was further surprised by the helpful attitude of everyone I encountered. I exchanged the gift for something that I really needed C hassle free. This is the most positive customer service experience that I have had in years. Your staff at Cloverdale is well trained, courteous, and welcoming.

"Outstanding Service"

I would like to advise you of outstanding service I received from one of your employees at your store. There were a few things I needed at Kitchen Stuff Plus. I was approached by a sales associate who asked me if there was anything she could help me with. As I was looking for a teapot infuser with a suitable handle I accepted her assistance. She was terrific and gave me a lot of information. We looked at several items and she was able to give the pros & cons on the different models. She listened, informed me and was totally genuine. She is an asset to your store.

"Extremely Helpful and Knowledgeable"

I shopped at Kitchen Stuff Plus last week and I was very very impressed by your staff. I was looking for a set of cookware, knives, and a small blender but didn't know where to start. One of your associates was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He explained to me about tri-ply, all-clad, forged steel, etc. I now look at cookware much differently. At first I thought he was a culinary student due to his kitchen knowledge, but he corrected me by saying he's a med student. Such a talented individual and a great salesman! (he sold me at least 5 different add-ons). I just want to let the company know that you did a fantastic job in training your staff! Please thank him for his insights and excellent customer service. Kitchen Stuff Plus is definitely my go-to kitchen store from now on! Keep up the fabulous work!

"Just Great"

I shopped at Kitchen Stuff Plus last week and I was very very impressed by your staff. I was looking for a set of cookware, knives, and a small blender but didn't know where to start. One of your associates was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He explained to me about tri-ply, all-clad, forged steel, etc. I now look at cookware much differently. At first I thought he was a culinary student due to his kitchen knowledge, but he corrected me by saying he's a med student. Such a talented individual and a great salesman! (he sold me at least 5 different add-ons). I just want to let the company know that you did a fantastic job in training your staff! Please thank him for his insights and excellent customer service. Kitchen Stuff Plus is definitely my go-to kitchen store from now on! Keep up the fabulous work!

"Just Great"

My sister and I just had our third trip to your store. The reason we returned was not only because of the prices and variety, but mainly because of the staff. We cannot remember going into a store that had a nicer, friendlier staff. We were so impressed after the first time, we went again to check it out. Sure enough they are all just great.

"Superb Staff Member"

I just returned from your store and was so impressed with how knowledgeable your staff was. I now want to put it in writing to tell you 'Keep up the great job'! I just purchased my first home and walked into your store with only a few item on my mind to purchase. I was actually going to hold out for the Friday sale at Canadian Tire. Good thing I didn't. You have an exceptional sales member on your staff and he knows his pots and pans and knives! Everything I purchased is of quality and if not the same price as what Canadian Tire was advertising in the sale flyer, or lower. I am sooo happy! I purchased great items of great quality from a superb staff member!

"Patient and Polite"

I would like inform your company about some very lovely ladies I came across who were very patient and polite and helped me with a few items. I find it very rare to shop at a busy store and find an employee who is nice and patient and able to help someone like myself. I am a deaf older woman and was very fortunate to find a person able to communicate with myself. They even showed me some items and were very nice and willing to take the time I needed and help me. I've never shopped at your store before but I will definitely be returning in the future. I will also be letting my friends from my hearing impaired help group know that Kitchen Stuff Plus has some great staff able to help people like me. I believe the girls did a great job with their sign language and I found having someone I could communicate with at a store extremely helpful.

"An Incredible Experience"

Over the years I have come to hate shopping and malls because of the bad service, the crowded aisles, and crowds generally. I have come to like your store, as it is just so compact and has everything I need without having to walk 10 lengths of a football field to find what I want.

I don't shop often, but this past week I was pleasantly surprised with my trek to the mall for Christmas shopping. The first store I landed in - Kitchen Stuff Plus. What a thoroughly pleasant and enjoyable experience! There were at least 3 nicely priced items right at the door that would make universally appealing hostess gifts, or stocking stuffers. There was a blessed shopping cart but not only that, the aisles were clear and clean enough that me with my diminishing long range eye sight could actually negotiate a cart without the chance of a mountain of some merchandise falling on me. Not just one or two aisles but ALL THE AISLES! - What a pleasure to actually shop for stuff. But that's not all. A very super friendly non-invasive sales staff asked if she could help and not only said 'yes we have that', she went and got it for me! SEVERAL TIMES! She made helpful suggestions, like did I need tea lights? Of course I need lights! Then the flyer that just came out was presented to me, and I found at least 60% of my shopping list done in under 1 hour.

It was an incredible experience. I noticed all the staff in this store was very customer oriented, cheerful and helpful. What ever the training program you're doing, I'd say it's paying off as you have me now as a loyal customer. All the best for a prosperous year.

"Ranked Highest"

While I try my best to be a coupon shopper I just wanted to provide some feedback on your prices and products. I am amidst a move to a new apartment and have required quite a few items. I have compared prices with many of your competitors as well as the quality and variety of products and have found that KSP has ranked highest in all categories. I had not thought of shopping for many items from you because of coupons from Home Outfitters etc, but wanted to tell you that my recent experience has changed my mind. I'm getting ready to buy my Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker and will do so at KSP. Thank you very much for running such a great Canadian company.

"Your Email List Is the BEST"

I just wanted to take the time to say that your email list is the BEST email list I am on! The "March Madness" deals were AMAZING and I found myself visiting my local store every Friday just so I could get first dibs on the promos that were happening for the week! PLEASE keep them coming, I look forward to when I receive an email from you! :)