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christmas items upto 60% off. HUGE ASSORTMENT OF CHRISTMAS DECOR. Here's a sneak peak of some of the incredible Christmas deals you'll find at this Warehouse Sale! Choice of 8 styles. Sale $7.88. Save 61%. 4 Pc. Christmas Decal Porcelain Mug Set. Reg $19.99 SALE SAVE 47%. 3 Pc. Christmas Characters Icon Spreader Set. Reg. $14.99. SALE $9.88 Save 51%. 18 Pc. Wilton Christmas Shapes Cookie Cutter Set. Reg. $19.99. SALE $12.88. SAVE 57%. 2 Pc. Christmas Snowflake Candleholder Set. Reg. $29.99. SALE $23.88. SAVE 40% 4 Pc. Christmas Characters Mantle Stocking Holder Set. Reg. $39.99 Available in 3 styles. SALE $9.88. SAVE 51%. 4 Pc. Christmas Phrase Fused Glass Side Plate Set. Reg. $19.99 SALE $9.88. SAVE 51%. 4 Pc. Christmas Phrase Fused Glass Side Plate Set. Reg. $19.99 SALE $3.48 ea. SAVE 42%. Christmas Cook Silicone Spatula. Reg. $5.99 ea. SALE $8.88. SAVE 56%. 9 Pc. Merry Xmas Quote Votive Set. Reg. $19.99. SALE $8.88. SAVE 41%. 5 Pc. Christmas Host Ceramic Mini Bowls Set. Reg. $14.99. SALE $2.88. SAVE 52%. 4 Pc. Christmas Tree Metallic Tealight Candles Set. Reg. $5.99. SALE $5.88. SAVE 61%. 3 Pc. Christmas Prancer Qc Iron Tealight Holder Set. Reg. $14.99. Choice of 2 colours. SALE $6.88. SAVE 54%. 3 Pc. Christmas Trio Tealight Holder Set with Mirror Base. Reg. $14.99. SALE $14.88. SAVE 41%. 4 Pc. Christmas Host Ceramic Round Platter with Bowls Set Reg. $24.99. Plus tons more!
PLEASE NOTE: All featured items were available at the time of print. While it is our intention to have all advertised items in stock and available at our sale, we cannot guarantee availability and an item may sell out. Most of our best deals can sell out quickly and may not be available throughout the course of the entire sale. Prices valid - .