several different knives on a round marble cutting board with cut limesseveral different knives on a round marble cutting board with cut limes for mobile
ZWILLING All Star Knife CollectionZWILLING All Star Knife Collection for mobile


The newest knife series, made in Germany, with ice-hardened FRIODUR blade stays sharper, longer.


ZWILLING 4-Star Knife CollectionZWILLING 4-Star Knife Collection for mobile

Four Star

Best-selling ZWILLING series worldwide, made in Germany with special formula high-carbon stainless steel.


ZWILLING Tradition Knife CollectionZWILLING Tradition Knife Collection for mobile


Exceptional value without compromising quality, manufactured in Spain.


Henckels Classic Knife CollectionHenckels Classic Knife Collection for mobile


Fine-edge precision blades, made in Spain from high-quality German stainless steel.


ZWILLING Pro Knife CollectionZWILLING Pro Knife Collection for mobile


Innovative technology and traditional design features, manufactured in Germany.


ZWILLING Twin Master Knife CollectionZWILLING Twin Master Knife Collection for mobile

TWIN Master

Meets all strict requirements demanded in professional kitchens, and manufactured in Spain.


Henckels Forged Accent Knife CollectionHenckels Forged Accent Knife Collection for mobile

Forged Accent

For the hobby chef looking for high-quality German stainless steel, and traditional style.


ZWILLING Professional S Knife CollectionZWILLING Professional S Knife Collection for mobile

Professional "S"

Trust the tradition and quality of these honed and hand-finished knives, manufactured in Germany.


Henckels Dynamic Knife CollectionHenckels Dynamic Knife Collection for mobile


Lightweight knives featuring an ergonomic handle for fatigue-free cutting.


Anatomy of a KnifeAnatomy of a Knife for mobile

Can we help you find a knife?

If you're looking to add to your collection, or start a new one, we can help you find the perfect knife for all your needs.

Photo of ZWILLING Pro Chef KnifePhoto of ZWILLING Pro Chef Knife for mobile

If you have one knife, this is the one you need. Available in different sizes to fit your hand, it can be used to cut everything from chicken to carrots.

Bread KnifeBread Knife for mobile

Cleanly cut through thick crusty bread, soft loaves, cakes or softer meats without pushing it down or crushing it

Utility KnifeUtility Knife for mobile

A medium sized knife, used for light cutting such as cucumbers, larger apples or smaller squash, and carving medium-sized roasts or poultry.

Bread KnifeBread Knife for mobile

A long slim knife with a strong, semi-flexible blade enables clean slices with minimal strokes. Great for cutting roasts, hams, or turkey.

Tomato-Bagel KnifeTomato-Bagel Knife for mobile

A medium sized knife with a scalloped edge to cut items with thicker skin/crust and soft interiors like tomatoes, baguettes, sausages and cheese.

Boning KnifeBoning Knife for mobile

Used in preparing fish, meat or vegetables. The blade is straight with a low tip. A granton edge blade keeps particles from sticking to the knife edge as you cut.

Peeling KnifePeeling Knife for mobile

The curved blade makes peeling round fruits and vegetables much easier, as well as removing seed and pits.

CleaverCleaver for mobile

Used for cutting through thin or soft bones, and sinew, and thick cuts of meat.

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